Wall Bases & Baseboards

Decorative and practical, the right base molding will offer the perfect finishing touch to any traditional or contemporary flooring project. Base molding effortlessly covers any spaces that may occur where the floor and the wall meet, including covering necessary yet unsightly expansion gaps in laminate or hardwood and covering any cuts in stone or tile flooring.

Wall Base

Wall Base molding offers a decorative solution to concealing the joint between an interior wall and the floor. Also known as a base molding, this product is also used to protect walls from scuffs, floor cleaning tools, and general wear-and-tear from daily life activities.

Surface Material: Decorative Paper

Core Material: Standard MDF

Length: 94″ Long

Colonial Baseboard

Only Available in White Paint Grade stock color.

Our extra tall Colonial Baseboard molding provides projects with the largest Versatrim baseboard option available to protect walls from floor cleaning equipment, scuffs, and daily wear-and-tear. When you need to conceal the join between your interior wall and the floor and add a decorative aspect to your flooring finish, the Colonial Baseboardis the ideal solution.  

Surface Material: Decorative, Single-Color Paper

Core Material: Standard MDF

Length: 94″ Long

Trim Moldings from Versatrim

Finishing your project with floor transition moldings not only gives your customer a beautiful, seamless floor, but it also protects your final product and hard work. With Versatrim as your trim and molding partner, you can adhere to your schedules without ordering excess amounts of product, and give your customers the finished look they expect from a reputable business like yours.

For additional information on our t-moldings, custom trims, and other flooring and stair solutions contact our team today.

Versatrim is the leading manufacturer of base moldings and associated molding products, and we offer an unbeatable wide selection of profiles to suit every style and space. To ensure maximum versatility, our baseboard and base molding products can be coordinated to any color, allowing you to complete your project with ease with your first-choice molding profile.

Versatrim Baseboard and Molding Solutions Deliver Maximum Versatility

With an unparalleled selection of base molding options, our catalog is guaranteed to contain the right profile for your project.

Keep in mind that if you want some extra support, our expert molding consultants can help you find the right product match, explore alternative options, and provide free samples to make sure your flooring project is finished to the highest possible standard.

Base Shoe

The base shoe is used to expertly conceal the space between laminate flooring and the wall's baseboard, which is necessary to allow for the natural expansion that is likely to occur over time. A base shoe can be a great alternative to a rubber wall base or a vinyl wall base, and it offers excellent durability in the long run.

We also offer a flexible base shoe option for projects that require extra versatility to achieve a premium finish.

Colonial Base

Our premium extra tall colonial baseboard is an ideal option for high footfall space, as the extra height provides optimal levels of protection from everyday wear and tear, scuff damage, and impact occurrences from things like cleaning equipment. Colonial baseboards have a traditional aesthetic and offer a more decorative finish than some more understated options, which makes them a consistently popular and timeless choice for a range of spaces.

Quarter Round

Quarter rounds are a solid alternative to standard shoe molding profiles, with a smooth, curved edge offering an elevated look with universal appeal. Our quarter round profiles are available as standard MDF, moisture-proof MDF and flexible options, with our flexible quarter rounds also being suitable for use around the base of rounded staircases and fireplaces. We also design each quarter round to suit your project's overall design and color profile for a seamless look.

Wall Base Molding

With a traditional aesthetic, wall base profiles are used in many home and commercial environments. In addition to expertly concealing joins between internal walls and flooring, the height of this profile option provides protection from floor cleaning equipment and everyday wear and tear.

Once again, our wall base profile is also available in a flexible vinyl wall base model for additional versatility.

Find Your Perfect Rubber Wall Base Solution with Versatrim

Whether you are looking for vinyl or rubber wall base solutions or you want to explore the range of options available that will allow you to maintain your reputation as a leading general manager, flooring installer or building owner, our molding experts are always on hand to offer you tailored advice.

We know that you are looking for a premium finish for your flooring project, which is why our responsive team will work with you to understand the parameters of your project and remain dedicated to delivering effective solutions every time. In addition to providing samples to ensure the right fit, our versatile service comes with no order minimums for maximum convenience, so you won't be left with excess product that you have no use for.

Whether you are working on a large or small project, we can coordinate colors and finishes while providing expert guidance and anything else you need to get your project over the finishing line without ever compromising on quality.

Versatrim Offers Unparalleled Value on Vinyl Wall Base, Baseboards, and Base Molding Products

With no minimum order requirements, you will never need to order more than you need. This means you can maintain your own profitability while meeting the expectations of your clients. We're dedicated to helping you get exactly what you need when you need it, so you will continue to stand out as one of the best retailers, contractors, managers or installers in the business.

In addition to helping you maintain your position in your field when it comes to the overall quality you are delivering to your customers, our efficient delivery options will allow you to stick to your scheduled completion times while maintaining the professional finish people have come to expect from your service.