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Floor Reducer Moldings

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Reducer - Floor Reducers

Available in both Standard and Moisture-Proof options!

When your project requires you transition from laminate floors to floors of a different height (with a minimum height difference of ¼” or 6.35mm), you need a custom overlap reducer molding that makes the transition look seamless and feel durable for years. 

Surface Material: High Wear Resistant Aluminum Oxide Laminate

Core Material: Our Standard reducer molding is made of moisture-resistant MDF, while our Moisture-Proof variety is an exterior grade composite wood product.

Length: 94″ Long

Floor Thickness* Accessories Needed Hardware Included
9/32" - 15/32" (7 - 12 mm)
15/32" - 5/8" (12 - 16 mm)
19/64" - 3/8" (7.5 - 9 mm)

If you have questions about carpet & floor reducers, please call 866-200-8132 for additional information.

*With our floor reducer transition strips and all other stair solutions, all mentions of flooring thickness refer to the total thickness of all members of the floor installation being laid upon the subfloor. This is typically comprised of the flooring plank (i.e., laminate or vinyl material), the underlaymenteither loose lay or actually attached, and any additional vapor barriers deemed necessary.

Floor Reducer Molding Hardware

Versatrack (Metal Track)

The Versatrack hardware is designed for use with floor reducers made for floors with 9/32”-15/32” (7-12mm) thicknesses. It may also be used in conjunction with our Versatrack shim for flooring with thicknesses between 12/32” (12mm) to 5/8” (16mm). 

Material: Cold Roll Steel

Length: 94″ Long

For flooring thicker than 45/64” (18mm), please contact our team of customer service representatives for assistance in choosing the right reducer molding for your project.

Versatrack Shim

Our Versatrack Shim is designed to compliment our Versatrack floor or carpet reducer hardware and was created to work with floors from 15/32” to 5/8” (12-16mm) in thickness.

Material: Standard HDF

Length: 94″ Long

Thin Track – Versatrim Thin

The VersaTrim team has designed our Thin Track as an alternative to the standard Versatrack for projects requiring thinner than average flooring. If you need a floor reducer on floors with a thickness between 19/64” (7.5mm) and ⅜” (9.5mm), our Thin Track will help you get the job done.

Material: Impact Polystyrene

Length: 94″ Long

If your project calls for flooring with a 7mm thickness, then you must use the Versatrack (Metal Track) in order to install your Versatrim reducer transitions strips. Contact our team with questions you may have regarding which hardware will work best for your projects’ needs. 

Made-to-Order Custom Reducer Molding from Versatrim

Whether it’s by design or by necessity, flooring of different heights can serve its purpose in a residential or commercial project. In order to ensure your finished project looks good and withstands years of normal wear-and-tear, you need custom floor reducer molding designed for each of your individual projects. With Versatrim, you’ll get the exact products you need, right when you need it so you can trust you’ll have a responsive partner in trim, molding, and stair solutions without the costly overhead that comes with other suppliers.

Reducer Moldings

Overlap reducer molding delivers a seamless transition between laminate flooring and flooring of a different height, giving your flooring project a refined and highly professional finish.

The Versatrim reducer molding catalog features a range of different profiles, each of which can be comprehensively coordinated to suit both your color preferences and project specifications for maximum versatility.

Versatrim Coordinated Reducer Molding Solutions Provide a Premium Finish

Our unparalleled selection of products is designed to assuage your fears and uncertainties surrounding finding precise floor reducer solutions for your project. Whether you’re a building owner, flooring installer or general manager, we have the right solutions to help you deliver on your project promises and continue to exceed the expectations of your clients. 

The Versatrim overlap reducer range includes:

Moisture – Proof Reducers

Every overlap reducer in our moisture-proof range is constructed out of quality materials, including exterior grade composite wood and high-wear, high-resistance aluminum oxide laminate.

Moisture-Resistant Reducers

Our moisture-resistant threshold strip products are constructed from premium materials, including moisture-resistant MDF and highly resistant aluminum oxide laminate surface finishings.

Versaflex Reducers

Our versatile VersaFlex overlap reducer allows you to seamlessly transition between floor heights at a curve, delivering a highly polished finish that will instantly elevate your interiors. Our flexible floor reducer solutions are constructed from polyurethane composite for maximum durability and can be stained or painted with ease.

If you do not see exactly what you’re looking for, you can reach out to our customer representatives, who are on hand to provide you with additional product information and support you in the selection of high-quality alternative solutions if needed.

Consult with a Versatrim Reducer Transition Strip Expert To Find Your Ideal Solution

We know you need to find the perfect finishing solutions for your flooring project, which is why our team of reducer molding experts are on hand to help you coordinate your preferred solutions with your unique project requirements.

All Versatrim products can be coordinated with any floor color and finish you need to provide a seamless final result that will help you maintain your high standards. Additionally, to ensure that you find the right reducer transition strip solutions for your project, your Versatrim expert will consult with you to provide guidance, understand your project parameters, and provide free samples.

In our eyes, no project is too small or too large. Whether you are looking for an ultra flexible threshold strip that can seamlessly bridge the gap between different floors on a curve or you need to ensure that your chosen reducer transition strip has moisture-resistant properties, our experts will be fully responsive to your needs and ready to deliver the support and advice you seek.

We believe that when you trust Versatrim solutions, your projects will have never looked better, and this means that you can look forward to increasing your customer base by maximizing your referrals from your clients.

Efficient Turnarounds With No Minimum Order

As a leading service provider in your field, we know that you need manufacturers you can trust so you can follow through on your promises to customers to deliver work on budget and on time. Versatrim has no minimum order requirements, which means that you can place an order for however many materials you need, safe in the knowledge that you will receive the same speedy turnaround times as the rest of our customers.

Our no minimum order requirements will allow you to minimize waste and excess while enabling you to manage your own profitability so you can continue to provide high-quality services in your location. Whether you need a flexible floor reducer for a small project area or you want to take delivery of a large order of perfectly coordinated moisture-proof reducers, we are ready to support your efforts.

The security of having a highly responsive partner on your side will allow you to complete all your projects with confidence and the knowledge that you are delivering the high level of finish your customers deserve. Our Versatrim customer service solutions are available at all times, and our representatives are ready to provide you with everything you need to know, including background product information and the latest updates on your order.

From the moment you have chosen your ideal threshold strip solutions for your project, we will get to work and ship your order in a timely and efficient manner. It is our mission to ensure our customers are receiving the best value from our solutions, which means that getting your project over the line without compromising on quality has never been simpler.

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