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Quarter Round Molding

Quarter Round

Available in both Standard and Moisture-Proof options!

At Versatrim, our ¾” Quarter Rounds, like our base shoes, are used to conceal the required space left between the wall and the laminate flooring to ensure it keeps up with general expansion over the years. We design each request for our quarter round for laminate flooring to coordinate with your project’s ideal color and design. If you’re looking for a great alternative to the standard shoe molding profiles, the Versatrim Quarter Round trim is ready to be customized to fit your needs. 

Surface Material: Decorative Paper

Core Material: Our Standard quarter round is made of Standard MDF, while our Moisture-Proof variety is an exterior grade composite wood product.

Length: 94″ Long

Base Shoe

Only available in White Paint Grade stock color.

Our ½” Base Shoe, like the Quarter Round, is used to conceal the space between the wall’s baseboard and the laminate flooring that is required to allow for expansion over time. As an alternative to the rubber wall base and vinyl wall base shoes, the VersaTrim solution provides durability with its MDF build, and an aesthetic appeal with its variety of color options to coordinate with your project’s overall design. 

Surface Material: Decorative, Single-Color Paper

Core Material: Standard MDF

Length: 94″ Long

Quarter Round Trim to Fit Any Project

Protecting your client’s walls from their own daily use with quarter rounds ensures your hard work and careful installation will last for years to come.

Whether you and your customer have chosen to go with the quarter round design as a beautiful alternative to shoe trim molding or for the practical purpose of hiding any of your necessary seams or gaps, you deserve a molding and trim provider that prioritizes your project’s needs just as much as you. At Versatrim, that means we don’t force you into meeting minimum order requirements, so you can focus on ordering just what you need and aren’t stuck with the massive overhead of additional product you can’t use again. 

For additional information on our quarter round dimensions, paper options, and more, contact our team today.

Quarter Round

Spaces between walls and floors are necessary to allow the process of natural expansion to occur over time. If you want your flooring project to last, it is imperative to leave enough space. However, visible spaces interrupt the appearance of a seamless and complete project, and this is where our Versatrim molding products come into play.

Quarter round molding profiles can be used alone or alongside baseboards to conceal any gaps that may exist between a wall and a floor or a baseboard profile and a floor. It has the shape of a quarter of a circle, which means it provides a beautifully curved edge that delivers a defined and professional-looking finish to a flooring project.

Achieve a Professional Floor Finish with Versatrim Shoe Molding Profiles

Our unparalleled selection of shoe molding profiles, including base shoe and quarter round laminate flooring, contains an array of solutions to help you complete your flooring project on time, on budget, and without making any quality compromises. 

Furthermore, our quarter round dimensions can easily be paired with a variety of different materials, including concrete, wood, laminate, and natural stone, making them a versatile option for an array of projects.

Here is a brief overview of the quarter round laminate flooring products we have in our extensive catalog:

Standard and Moisture-Proof Quarter Round Dimensions

Our standard and moisture-proof quarter round dimensions are constructed from moisture-proof MDF, which has no imperfections and an incredibly smooth surface. MDF doesn’t split, which makes it simple and efficient to install, enabling you to ensure you are in a position to deliver your project on time while also maintaining your high standards of finish.

VersaFlex Quarter Round Dimensions

If you’re looking for shoe molding profiles that can deliver an extra element of flexibility, our VersaFlex base shoe is exactly what you need. The VersaFlex range is constructed from a flexible polyurethane composite that can be efficiently and easily shaped for use around curved fireplaces or rounded staircases.

If we haven’t already mentioned the type of product you’re looking for, please connect with our friendly and experienced customer representatives to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

Connect with a Versatrim Base Shoe Expert to Find Your Ideal Solution

We understand that you need easy access to the right products at precisely the right times so you can deliver completed projects that are finished to a high standard and exceed the expectations of your clients. 

Because the right match is vital to the overall sense of seamlessness a floor can provide, we can offer you direct access to an unparalleled selection of standard molding finishes and colors. However, if you don’t find your perfect match there, don’t panic; we also provide a full coordination service that will accurately match your preferred products with the color and finish of your flooring project.

The Versatrim coordination commitment covers every product in our range, ensuring that your required flooring solutions will fit in with the rest of your project seamlessly. We provide this service because we recognize how important it is for our customers to have access to the highest-quality products. After all, it is only by consistently delivering top-quality outcomes that you can maintain your position as a leading contractor, fitter, building owner or manager.

To ensure that you always find the best product for your needs, our Versatrim consultants are on hand to understand the parameters of your project, run through your options, and even provide free samples to guarantee a perfect finish. No project is too large or too small for us, and you will receive the same level of customer support and efficient shipping options regardless of whether you’re a commercial installer working on a huge project or a homeowner upgrading the flooring in a single room.

Enjoy Efficient Delivery with No Minimum Orders

You don’t need to tell us that the responsiveness of your supplier can impact every element of your project, which is why we are committed to helping make every flooring project a success. Profitability is important to our customers, so in addition to delivering excellent value, we don’t implement any minimum order requirements. Not only will this allow you to manage your cash flow, but you won’t be left with unnecessary wastage or extra product you have no use for.

As your trustworthy manufacturing partner, we have the ability to deliver the products you need, exactly when you need them. As soon as you have placed your order, our efficient team will work to ensure your quarter round laminate flooring products are delivered on time and with a method that suits your needs.

No question is ever too small, so don’t hesitate to reach out for order updates, shipping concerns and product information. We’re here to make your job easier, and we’re always happy to help.

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