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VersaCap: Matching Stair Tread Solutions

Always Flush & Always a Perfect Match

1-⅞" Height
2-⅜" Height
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VersaCap Edge & Square Stair Treads

Caps are Made with Your Actual Flooring to Perfectly Match!

The VersaCap is used to create matching, flush stair treads & returns that perfectly match your floor to give your staircase an elegant cohesive look.

VersaCap is available in two profile types depending on your flooring and project needs:

  • VersaCap Edge – the Edge has a low profile height of 1-⅞”
  • VersaCap Square – The Square a taller profile height of 2-⅜”
 VersaCaps are made-to-order: Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled and the product cannot be returned.
Lead Time: Approximately 15 business days
1 Piece Minimum per order
Length*: Depending on the flooring type used, this can range between 32″ and 46″ in length.
Profile Height Length** Minimum Lead Time
VersaCap Edge
32" to 46"
1 Piece
Approximately 15 Business Days
VersaCap Square
32" to 46"
1 Piece
Approximately 15 Business Days

*Flooring thicknesses vary, so to find the interior height dimension of your VersaCap stair tread, measure the thickness of your floor, multiply it by two, and subtract it from the exterior height. 

**VersaCaps can be produced in various lengths, depending upon the actual floor length. However, regardless of that, the maximum length for a VersaCap is 46”.  


VersaCap Order Form

Our VersaCap stair tread solution works by using your flooring to make the caps that fit with your project, and for that, we require testing.  Please contact your Versatrim Sales Representative for more information about floor testing and for a list of available floors that have already passed on testing process.

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VersaCap Order Form

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