Installation Hardware

Bullnose Shim

Our Bullnose Shim is to be used to install our Round Stair Nose molding (RSN), specifically on box staircases, to create a stabilized, rounded step.

Core Material: Standard MDF

Length: 94″ Long


This Versatrim shim is available for optional use with our Round Stair Nose molding (RSN) and VersaEdge for flush installations. We carry a variety of sizes to fit your needs, including Shim-5 for 5-7mm* floors, Shim-8 for 8mm floors*, and Shim-12 for 12mm* floors. 

Core Material: Standard MDF/HDF

Length: 94″ Long

*With our stair nose molding, stair trim, and accessories, all references to flooring thickness refer to the total thickness of all members of the floor installation once laid upon the subfloor. This is typically comprised of the flooring plank (i.e., vinyl or laminate), the underlaymenteither attached or loose lay, and any additional vapor barriers.